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Two people engaging in Project Empathy empathy exercise

Bring the power of human connection to your community.

Dare to dig deeper than small talk.

Armed with our Performance Package,

you can lead a group of people in sharing and receiving one another's true, personal stories, practicing empathy skills, and stepping into each other's shoes to perform.

Spoiler alert: We're not so different, after all.

Welcome to project Empathy.


It's easy to fear for the human race these days, but this changed my mind.

- audience member

It's so easy to forget the complexities of others' lives here at [school] because we're all so focused on our own busy lives. Thank you for sharing - you've given me a lot to think about in regards to possibly starting to share pieces of my own life with people I trust... thank you. 

- audience member

I seriously can't express what a difference you and this project have made to my life and mental health this semester.

- cast member

The first story made me realize I should try and have a relationship with my dad. I'll call him tomorrow. Thanks, Project Empathy.

- audience member

For the first time, I feel like someone truly understands what I was feeling in that moment. 

- cast member


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