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What is

Project Empathy?

Project Empathy is a performance-based project in which people are tasked with telling each other’s true, personal stories.


For 6-8 weeks, the cast engages in empathy exercises, reflective writing, and perspective-taking to build trust and understanding. The connective experience culminates in a performance of stories for an audience.

Created by Catherine Cote in 2017 in Melbourne, Australia, the Project can be performed with any even number of people up to twelve.


How can I bring the project to my community?

To bring Project Empathy to your university, theater, or community, reach out and express interest in a Performance Package.

Our Performance Package contains everything necessary to direct Project Empathy, including a Director's Guide, script template, video check-in calls along the way and access to the supportive Community of previous casts and directors.

Contact us using the form below to learn more and inquire about package pricing.


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